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Dr Stuart Fitzgerald

University College Dublin, Ireland

Stuart Fitzgerald

Stuart Fitzgerald, MVB MANZCVS, graduated from University College Dublin in 2001. He has spent the past 16 years performing first opinion and referral small animal work, and owns a small animal hospital in rural Ireland. In 2014, he was recognised for his clinical expertise by admission to the Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. He is passionate about promoting animal health and welfare through education of vets and owners alike, and is the Feline Medicine mentor for a large group of veterinary practices in the UK. In his spare time, he enjoys sourdough baking, and distance running with Sasha, his Labrador-Foxhound cross.

Dr Gemma Gaitskell

Royal Veterinary College, London, UK

Gemma Gaitskell

Gemma Gaitskell, BVetMed MSc MRCVS, graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 2010. She was determined to be a vet from a young age and loves animals, especially dogs and horses. Now based in Madrid she has recently completed a Masters degree in equine reproduction and is looking to undertake a PhD. In addition to this she has a keen interest in nutrition and veterinary education. Gemma believes that access to good quality information is vital to help improve the welfare of animals. At home she enjoys spending time with her five dogs and retraining her ex-racehorse.

Peter Richards

University of Bristol, UK

Peter Richards

Peter Richards, BVSc MRCVS, graduated from the University of Bristol in 2014. He has always worked with animals, starting with his pet sheep before progressing to dairy cattle and finally training as a vet. After graduating, he worked in Colombia for a year to pursue an interest in infectious disease. He returned to the UK to start a PhD at the Institute for Infection and Global Health in Liverpool, where he studies the intestinal microbiome of chickens. Outside of his research, he enjoys playing the fiddle and singing.


Dr Linda Simon

University College Dublin, Ireland

Linda Simon

Linda Simon works full-time as a locum veterinarian in West London. She qualified from University College Dublin in 2013, where she graduated top of her class in small animal medicine. Linda has a passion for all aspects of veterinary medicine, particularly endocrinology, dermatology and diagnostic imaging. She lives with her husband and their 14 year old Shih Tzu cross who they brought over from Portugal. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, running and practicing yoga.


Dr Pippa Elliott

University of Glasgow, Scotland

Pippa Elliott

Dr Pippa Elliott, BVMS MRCVS, graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987. Since then, she has worked as a veterinarian in companion animal practice. A self-confessed animal addict, Pippa often takes a bearded dragon, guinea pigs, a cat, and a dog on holiday (meaning there is no room in the car for her husband who has to ride shotgun on a motorbike). 

Pippa loves getting to grips with complicated medical cases and likens being a vet to a detective: Following the clinical clues to reach a diagnosis. Her underlying aim is always to treat her patients as she would want her own pets treated, and help owners understand the treatment options to make informed decisions.


Dr Catharine Hennessy

North Carolina State University, USA

Catharine Hennessy

Catharine Hennessy, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, has practiced as a veterinarian since 2001 after graduating from North Carolina State University in the United States. She has worked in a variety of practice settings, including equine and bovine practice, the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and most recently, small animal medicine. Working with dog and cat owners to ensure the best fit for a happy family, and keeping furry family members healthy through preventive health care and exercise, is her passion. Quality of life for all family members is her top priority in private practice. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, which includes her husband, sons, dog and three cats.


Dr Anna Cherry

University of Liverpool, UK

Anna Cherry

Since graduating from Liverpool Vet School in 2006, Anna has worked in small animal practice and has setup and run her own mobile veterinary service. She has a special interest in canine nutrition and internal medicine and recently completed a certificate in Canine and Feline nutrition. Away from the world of veterinary, she loves spending time with her Golden Retriever, Chester, who likes to keeps her one toes with all his various ailments and hypochondriac episodes!


Dr Ana Oliveira

University of Lisbon, Portugal

Ana Oliveira

Ana Oliveira graduated from the University of Lisbon, Portugal, where she obtained her DVM degree in 2013. After a short experience in small animal practice, Ana is now working in research while completing a Master of Science in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences at Kansas State University. She is particularly interested in the interface between animal and human health, as she believes that ultimate well-being can only be achieved through a One Health approach. She loves traveling while pet sitting – the perfect way of combining two of her passions.

Dr Christine Bernsdorf

University of Queensland, Australia

Christine Bernsdorf

Christine is an Australian veterinarian who studied at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Christine is a life-long dog aficionado, whose first dog was a much loved, large, stuffed-toy named Barkley. Christine’s second dog was a jubilant, naughty Boxer named Rocky. During the past 12 years Christine has travelled extensively from California to Australia, and all throughout Australia, with a gorgeous, timid, storm-phobic, completely talentless, food-obsessed, belly-rub craving dog named Gracey. Gracey is a cross between a Labrador, German Shepherd, Newfoundland and Afghan Hound, as determined by DNA testing.

DogZone Staff


Editor of DogZone

Kimberly Bayliss

Kimberly, Editor of DogZone, completed her undergraduate education at the University of California, Irvine in English and Linguistics, further completing a Master’s of Research in Applied Linguistics at Birkbeck in London. She strongly believes that good, reputable information is crucial for families to make an informed decision with regards to adding a dog to their household. With too many dogs being returned to shelters, Kimberly and her husband, Matt, came up with the idea of DogZone to help people choose the right breed from the very start.

When she’s not editing content, Kimberly is most likely out with her beagle. The two of them volunteer together for a local beagle charity that rehomes beagles in the UK, checking whether applicants might be suitable owners for the sweet, yet often mischievous breed.

The General

Chief Product Tester & Snoozer

Dunder the beagle

The General is the chief product tester and snoozer here at DogZone headquarters. His favourite games include tug, tag and find it. He is a keen swimmer and has a knack for finding trouble, but his humans have found that the more tired he is, the less troublesome. As a result, the General spends a few afternoons a week with a pack of similarly boisterous pups, burning off some of that crazy energy. On weekends, he likes to go ‘adventurising’ with his humans in the English countryside. Whilst his great grandfather may have won ‘Best in Breed’ at Crufts, the General says he'd rather be chasing squirrels in the great outdoors.