Dog Breeds: J

Those looking for a spirited and affectionate dog that comes in a small package should look no further. The Jack Chi does require lots of exercise and interaction though, so would not be suited to a home where they would be left to their own devices for too long. Sociable and fun-loving, they tend to get along well with most.

The Jack Rat Terrier is a determined breed that enjoys keeping active and exploring new territory. They have a natural curiosity and can be trained to a high standard. Not every owner can cope with their exercise demands and behavioural issues are common in those that do not receive adequate opportunity to burn off some steam.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small, feisty, loyal and intelligent working dog, originally developed in England, which is generally healthy and has minimal grooming requirements and a long lifespan. It is highly versatile and can adapt to different environments as long as it has sufficient environmental stimulation and is well exercised.

A vibrant character with a loyal nature, the Jack Tzu likes to be in on the action and enjoys being part of the family. Playful and active, they love nothing more than a long walk in the park and play time in the garden but will happily curl up on their owner’s lap in the evening for some down time.

The Jack-A-Poo is the ideal companion for a young and active family that is keen to spend lots of time with their furry friend and desire an intelligent, highly-trainable pet. Children get on especially well with the cheeky little Jack-A-Poo who is always up for a game and a cuddle. Apartment living is an appropriate option once sufficient exercise is provided.

Jack-A-Ranians are spirited dogs who thrive on human company and are surprisingly active for their size. They need plenty of exercise to keep them in good shape and to ensure they don’t develop any vices. Many dogs are ‘yappy and snappy’, so parents with very young children may wish to choose a different breed.

Boisterous, bouncy and with a big personality, the Jackabee is a lot of fun. A sweet and caring dog, this cross-breed makes a super family pet when well socialised. While the short fur of the Jackabee requires little maintenance, they do tend to shed a lot, which may be a sticking point for those house-proud owners out there!

A small breed with a big heart and an even bigger personality, this 'designer dog' has lots of energy and just loves to have fun. The perfect companion for an active child, the Jackshund enjoys joking about but can also excel in a number of activities, making him a wonderful competitor in a range of disciplines, such as agility and Frisbee.

The Jagdterrier is known for being brave and tenacious, even in comparison to other terrier breeds. Originally developed in 1920s Germany, the Jagdterrier is the result of several crosses between other terrier breeds. Best suited to experienced owners in a rural setting, the Jagdterrier can be an active and affectionate companion.

The Jämthund, or Swedish Elkhound, is a Spitz-type dog, which has likely been around for many centuries. Originally from Sweden, they have traditionally been used for hunting large animals, such as wolves and elk. Multi-purpose, they have also been employed as guard dogs, and are well accepted within their native Scandinavia as family pets for those who lead an active lifestyle.

The Japanese Chin is a dainty and cheerful small breed of dog that loves to be around people and is gentle with children. They make an excellent companion and will stay loyally by your side at all times. They are renowned for their long and silky coat, ‘startled’ expression and ‘stylish’ gait.

The Japanese Spitz is a bold, energetic and affectionate breed with a magnificent long thick pure-white coat. They make excellent companions and are good around children and other pets. Because this breed is highly intelligent they respond readily to training and are eager to please. Despite their small size this breed is a keen protector and make a good watchdog.

A kind and devoted dog, the Jatese makes an excellent family pet but does require a good deal of attention and cannot be left alone for too long. Curious and quite smart, this breed is a pleasure to be around and can keep its owner entertained for hours on end. With their beautifully long coat, daily grooming is a must.

The Jatzu or Chin-Tzu is a hybrid resulting from breeding a Shih Tzu with a Japanese Chin. The Jatzu is a small dog, blessed with an abundance of hair. They are good apartment dogs and their placid nature makes them a good companion for quiet people. Health wise, they can be prone to knee and heart problems, dental disease, and weight gain.

A real little character, the Jug is one of the original designer dogs and remains extremely popular today. They have a unique, charming appearance and a fun personality. Sociable and affectionate with people, these dogs enjoy having company and do not do well when left on their own. Most are easy to train and will pick up on new things impressively quickly.