Dog Breeds: E

The East European Shepherd is little known outside of his native Russia. Originating from crossing German Shepherds with native Russian dogs, the EES is a hardy breed with strong guarding instincts. Whilst his elegant lines make him attractive to look at, his work ethic should not be overlooked, as this makes him a poor choice as a family dog.

The East Siberian Laika is the tallest of the four Laika-type dogs, and shares a similarity of appearance to the Siberian husky. Originally bred to pulls sledges, hunt, and guard, the Laika is an intelligent dog but also strong-willed and independent. Although not a beginner’s dog, for the right owner, the East Siberian Laika makes a loyal companion.

The Elo is a young dog breed, first created in 1987. The aim was to create the ideal family friendly dog that is reliable with children, obedient, and fun-loving. This happy dog has Spitz-like looks and is largely a healthy breed. Something of a rarity, the Elo is a dog to watch out for in the future.

The English Boodle is a hybrid dog, which is a cross between an English Bulldog and a Poodle. Energetic as pups, they are mellow adults with a reputation for being placid and patient. When socialised well as pups the English Boodle makes a great family dog, but does require regular coat care to keep those curls in good order.

One of Britain's oldest native breeds the Bulldog is now primarily a companion dog. A stout, thick-set dog, the Bulldog was bred for bull-baiting, but after this was banned, a more affectionate, gentle nature was selected for. Bulldogs are good with children and do not require lots of exercise but are prone to some health problems, so careful selection of healthy family lines is key.

The English Cocker Spaniel is a small sized, energetic, gentle and affectionate breed, developed in England to flush Woodcocks out of undergrowth during shoots. A highly trainable breed, which is willing to please the Cocker Spaniel requires plenty of exercise and is good with children. It has a coat that can shed heavily so requires frequent brushing and may require the odd visit to the groomers. The breed can be affected by some health problems so selection of a healthy family line is important.

The English Foxhound is a long-established hunting dog with incredible stamina, courage and tenacity. It is a very sociable breed that will fit well into homes with large families or other dogs. The Foxhound is energetic, and makes an excellent companion for exercise enthusiasts, though it can cope with a less active lifestyle as long as access to a garden is provided.

The Mastiff is the largest of all the dog breeds, but is as gentle as he is big. The breed is remarkably patient with children, and protective of its family members, with a long history as a guardian and “dog of war”. They do not require much exercise, and so can learn to live indoors, despite their large size.

The English Pointer, known for its characteristic “pointing stance”, is a tireless and courageous hunting dog, which requires a large amount of exercise. However, it is also an intelligent and easy-going companion, affectionate and attentive, and very well-suited to life as a pet in an energetic family. Pointers require little grooming and usually mix well with other animals and people.

English Setters are gun dogs initially used for hunting birds. Active and highly energetic, English Setters are great dogs for those who enjoy the outdoors, as they are the perfect mates for hiking and running. The English Setter is kind and gentle, a good family dog that is fond of children and other pets. They can smell exceptionally and are also known for their good memory.

The English Setter Collie or English Borsetter Collie is a hybrid dog, which is a cross between the English Setter and Border Collie. These are very active dogs needing a minimum of two-hours activity per day. They are intelligent and ideal for competitive obedience training. Their herding instinct makes them ill-suited to being around other household pets. Potential health problems include hip dysplasia, premature blindness, and skin cancer.

The English Shepherd is a versatile working dog native to the United States. It excels in many different jobs, including herding, hunting, search and rescue, and agility. The breed’s high intellect and energy levels mean it can be difficult to provide the necessary stimulation when it is kept as a pet, but it is a loyal and devoted companion in the right setting.

English Springer Spaniels are gun dogs that were initially bred for hunting. They are attached to their owners, to whom they are devoted and loyal. They are loving and charming dogs, although they may be dominant and not always very fond of other pets. They are an active breed and need frequent exercise and playful activities to stimulate them and keep them happy and healthy.

The English Sprointer is a gentle, medium-sized hybrid dog resulting from crossbreeding an English Springer Spaniel and an English Pointer. This is a very active dog that loves the outdoors. He can be distracted and difficult to train, but the effort will pay off as this is a loving and loyal dog to have as a family pet.

Closely related to the larger Manchester Terrier, the English Toy Terrier is a rare breed today, though it was found in many urban homes of the Northwest of England from the 1600s, when it was first bred to control rat populations. A lovable, affectionate family pet, it is also a vocal and alert watch dog.

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a medium sized breed originating from Switzerland. It was originally an all round farm dog used for driving cattle and guarding. It has a devoted, affable character and is extremely loyal, which means it can suffer from separation anxiety. The Entlebucher is an active dog and requires plenty of exercise. It is generally a healthy breed.

The Eskapoo is a hybrid dog breed, which is a cross between the American Eskimo Dog and the Poodle. They are a small to medium-sized dog depending on the Poodle parent, with a bright, intelligent disposition. They make great companions and are suitable for apartment living but like to bark. Potential health problems include wobbly kneecaps, hip joint pain, and underactive thyroid glands.

Estonia’s only native dog breed is the appropriately named Estonian hound. With a similar appearance to the Beagle, this energetic dog is an active, affectionate, intelligent, and playful character that makes a good family dog. He is, however, not fond of change and prefers being with people he knows and a set routine as opposed to strangers and unpredictability.

A large pastoral breed from the Serra da Estrela in Portugal, the Estrela Mountain Dog is a large guardian dog with a protective attitude towards its people and their property. With appropriate training and handling, it is a loyal and even-tempered pet, but it needs plenty of space, can bark a lot, and is too strong-willed for the novice dog owner.

The Eurasier is one of the youngest breeds to have gained international recognition. It is a highly intelligent companion dog that is intensely loyal and devoted to its family, with whom it needs constant contact. Though reserved with strangers, it is rarely aggressive, and is very reliable with other pets. It needs relatively little exercise, and is a well-mannered dog within the home.

Irresistibly cute and with a personality to match, the Ewokian will melt the heart of most everyone it encounters. Loyal and affectionate, this dog loves nothing more than to be in the presence of its family and will pine for them as soon as they leave. Thanks to their low exercise requirements, these dogs thrive in small homes.