Dog Breeds: Y

The cross of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Pomeranian results in the Yorkie Pom, also known as the Yoranian. This toy crossbreed is sweet and curious, energetic and eager to please their owners. They make great pets, as they bond very easily, getting along with other pets and children. They tend to be aloof with strangers and can have a feisty and yappy nature.

The Yorkie-Poo is a new hybrid, which is a cross between Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle parents. This small, vivacious dog has an equal love of its family and the sound of its own voice, and is prone to several inherited health problems. It is a loyal companion and a useful watchdog, and is a great playmate for older children.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small, intelligent dog which is extremely affectionate. They are very quick to learn and easy to train, but can be overprotective. Yorkies do not require large amounts of exercise and can therefore make ideal pets for people living in cities. If left long their coat can require extensive grooming. Despite having a long lifespan, they can be prone to some health problems.